Compost Guy Spring 2018 Fundraiser

This is a campaign to raise money for the development of new vermicomposting courses (free and paid), new content & resources, and various website upgrades.


Education. Inspiration. Fun.

Three words that effectively sum up the main “goals” of the Red Worm Composting website – basically WHY the blog was started (back in 2007), and WHY I’ve continued to plug away all these years…through thick and thin.

My first love has always been teaching people about vermicomposting (in a way that merges my science background with my goofy, down-to-earth personality) – inspiring many to get involved in this quirky field of endeavor (or even more involved, as the case may be). And my aim has always been to make it FUN!

I’m actually a very quiet, reserved person in the “real world”, so having this platform to connect with and have a positive impact on literally thousands of people has been nothing short of life-changing. I often refer to all the positive feedback I’ve received as my “rocket fuel” – and without it, there’s no way I would have made it to the point of writing these words (I actually wrote “worms” the first time – no joke).

But alas, them bills don’t get paid with virtual rocket fuel!

One of the key ways I helped to “fund” my continued work was to start a “real world”* vermicomposting business up here in Canada. This venture has been deeply satisfying, and a vitally important source of income each year, but the sad irony is that it has been one of the major reasons I’ve had so much difficulty keeping the momentum going with my online work (the work it is supposed to be “funding” – lol).

* [I make the distinction because I also sell worms (etc) via drop-shipping to U.S. customers from the Red Worm Composting website]

SO, this year I decided to do things differently!


I decided to take at least one season off from the “real world” business so as to put most of my focus on the development of new course and lots of new content.

Over the years, information products – such as the VermBin Series Plans Package and the Easy Vermicomposting Course – have been another important revenue source. And I feel this is where my main strengths lie. But…attempting to get these sorts of products launched with my attention scattered in a million different directions just doesn’t work. So it’s time to simplify, get organized, and get focused!

And this is definitely NOT just about creating more products for people to buy!

More time and focus for actual vermicomposting/research etc means more inspiration for website content and other new resources.

HOW You Can Help

If you are a fan of Red Worm Composting and would love to see me take this project to the next level, the good news is that there are a variety of ways you can help out financially (and otherwise).

1) Help Fund the New Courses – Because a big part of my focus is on creating new courses, I decided to make it into a “crowdfunding” type of opportunity. There are three new courses I’m working on (technically four – will get back to that a bit later), and you can choose the one (or more) you are most interested in seeing launched.

2) Purchase Existing Products – As many of you know, I already have some products (physical and digital) currently available on the Red Worm Composting website. You can purchase composting worms, Urban Worm Bags, the VermBin Series Plans Package, or the Easy Vermicomposting Course (which will be “retired” once certain courses are released).

3) Make a Donation – I’ve always preferred an entrepreneurial approach to raising funds for my work, but I’ve come to realize that sometimes you just need to “let go” and give people the opportunity to contribute via donations. Large or small, any form of financial contribution can help make a difference!

4) Share Your Positive Feedback – If the Red Worm Composting website (and related projects) has had a positive impact on your life in any way, please let me know! Like I said, this is my “rocket fuel” – literally the main thing that has kept me going. No, it won’t pay the bills – but it reminds me of exactly why I am doing what I am doing!


My goal is to raise $10,000 USD – an amount I feel confident will keep me “out of the weeds” for 4 or 5 months while I put in the time needed to launch several courses and continue to develop the new course/resource portal.

What does this money get used for?

Literally “paying the bills” while I put most of my focus on this important work.

Whatever the end result – whether below, or maybe even above my goal – I’m dedicated to making this work. If I fall well short of the mark, it will just take more time thats all.

The good news is we’re already part way there! 🙂


Back in late March I launched “Phase I” of the fundraiser which was my Urban Worm Bag sale. Since that time I have basically been counting all profit (from any RWC sales) as going towards the “cause”. As I am typing this I’m more than 1/4 of the way towards the goal!

I will continue to update this total regularly.


The Courses

Below you will find a listing of the current courses I am working on. Aside from three paid courses, I will be launching a 100% free fundamentals course called “Getting Started with Vermicomposting”. This will be the first course launched since it will help to set the stage for the more advanced courses (plus, it will also be the one I can complete the fastest).

IMPORTANT: The pre-order pricing of these courses is going to go up over time. The early bird (absolute lowest) price will be $12.50 per course and $30 for the course 3-pack. This offer will switch to the next pricing level on May 27th, 2018.

The order of course launches will be dictated by demand. In other words, if the most money is raised for “Better Castings, Faster” (for example), that will be the next one I focus on getting launched (after Getting Started with Vermicomposting). It’s important to note that work on ALL these courses is currently underway – so none of them will be created from scratch. 

What You Get When You Pre-Order One or More Courses

  • Access to the full (video, audio, written) version of the course(s) you pre-purchase once available (these versions will most likely be priced at $30+ later on)
  • One or more “votes” for the order in which the paid courses will be launched (if you purchase the 3-pack, you are welcome to assign all 3 votes to just ONE course in particular)
  • Opportunity to “test drive” the new portal and course content (once ready) before anyone else, and to provide important feedback that will influence my refinement of courses before launch.

Getting Started With Vermicomposting

This free course is designed to help people who are just getting interested/involved in the wonderful world of vermicomposting. You’ll get the information you need to get your very first vermicomposting system up and running effectively, along with helpful guidance for navigating the (often challenging) first few weeks of the process.

If you would like to support my work on this course, simply pre-order one or more of the other courses below or make a donation.

80/20 Vermicomposting

Most people have heard of the “80/20 Rule” – the idea that roughly 80% of the results come from 20% of the methods, people etc. It applies to countless areas of life, the natural world…and yes even vermicomposting! Most people over-complicate the process. In this course you will learn the KEY things you need to focus on in order to maximize your results while streamlining your time. Pre-Launch Price (Early) – $12.50 (until May 27th).

Better Castings, Faster.

Many people attracted to vermicomposting are naturally drawn by the idea of creating their own high quality worm castings. But producing the beautiful, dark, granular earthy stuff (you usually see in promotional photos) often turns out to not be quite as easy as people imagine. This course is designed to help vermicomposters optimize the castings production process – it zones in on the major areas of focus to dedicate yourself to if you are indeed eager to produce higher quality castings in less time. Pre-Launch Price (Early) – $12.50 (until May 27th).

Bootstrap Worm Farming

If you are a passionate hobbyist with entrepreneurial spirit, you’ve probably imagined starting your own worm farming venture. Like many others, I always assumed this type of business would require a ton of space, expensive equipment and lots of capital to get started. But as I discovered (eventually…after falling on my face over and over again lol), not only is it possible to create a profitable vermicomposting business on the cheap (and with limited space) – but there are actually some serious advantages to this approach! Pre-Launch Price (Early) – $12.50 (until May 27th).

Course 3-Pack!

If you really like the look of all 3 paid courses and/or you just want to contribute more (while still receiving something in exchange for your money), then the Course 3-Pack is a great option. Apart from receiving access to the full (video, audio, written) versions of these courses as they become available, you will also get three “votes” (great if there is one course in particular you really want to see launched before the others). Pre-Launch Price (Early) – $30.00 (until May 27th).

As touched on earlier, in the past I’ve resisted the idea of asking for donations. I think it partially stems from a childhood of watching a lot of PBS programming, which involved periodic fund drives. There was this one lady in particular who was just so whiny and annoying with her pleas for money – and I think this kinda turned me off the idea of formal fundraising for life! lol

Well, I’m older and (somewhat) wiser now. I realize that not only do public television networks very much need viewer donations in order to continue broadcasting quality programs without commercials, but that simply making a donation option available – without being annoying about it (haha) – makes really good sense. In fact, the one other time I tested this out (literally the only other time I have held anything resembling a fundraiser), the influx of donations completely knocked me off my feet and humbled me.

One of the nice things about donations is that you are not constrained by pricing – you can contribute as little or as much as you would like. And I will be very grateful either way.

Buy RWC Products

Buying current Red Worm Composting products is also a great way to help out financially, if there is anything (displayed below) that you are in need of (or have an interest in). NOTE: Just so you know, all the buttons below link to pages on the Red Worm Composting website (and open up in a new window).

Composting Worms

I have been selling Red Worms and European Nightcrawlers via drop-shippers since 2008, and this has been yet another important revenue source. If you are wanting to buy African Nightcrawlers, feel free to get in touch about that as well (not advertised on the website, but I do have a supplier for them). The button below will take you to the RWC order worms page. NOTE: Composting Worms are only available to customers in continental USA.

Urban Worm Bags

My good friend, Steve Churchill came up with this fantastic vermicomposting system after feeling frustrated by the various nagging (unresolved) issues he saw in the Worm Inn. I started my own UWB earlier this spring and I’ve been very impressed! It offers good air flow, yet plenty of moisture retention – and it even comes with a stand! Use the coupon code “SPRING18” (no quotes) on checkout for 10% off. The button below takes you to the UWB page on RWC site. NOTE: Urban Worm Bags are only available to customers in continental USA.       

VermBin Series Plans Package

If you are a reasonably talented DIYer with a passion for vermicomposting, building your own flow-through bin can be a hugely rewarding endeavor (especially once it is up and running, making lots of “black gold” for you). These plans show you how to build 3 different sizes of flow-through bins, and the package is currently discounted at 25% off.      

Easy Vermicomposting Course

For a number of years, Easy Vermicomposting has been my flagship course for people wanting a more in-depth (and organized) look at the topic of vermicomposting. I’m proud of the work I put into it  – and I know it helped a lot of people – but I felt it was just about time to “retire” it (will be officially closed to new members once I release “Getting Started with Vermicomposting” and “80/20 Vermicomposting”). In the meantime you can get it for 50% off!  

Share Your Feedback!

As touched on earlier, it’s all the amazing positive feedback I’ve received (and interactions I’ve been involved in) that’s been the real motivator over the years. Recently I have (finally) started collecting this feedback, and would love to have even more of it!

NOTE: In some cases, these comments may be used as testimonials (you can see some examples below so you know how they would be displayed) – but rest assured, I am more than happy to cater to whatever level of privacy you prefer (just let me know). Even just having these comments for my own future reference will be hugely valuable!

11 + 10 =

…you should know that your website was a big help for me when I got into vermicomposting back in 2010, and in many ways, that was the launching point that propelled me at a neck-breaking velocity into a whole new lifestyle, so I owe you a great deal of thanks, and I’m glad to see you rediscover your passion!

Thanks for all that you do, and all that you have done! ~ Chad S. (Germany)

It was your info that convinced me to finally go for it. I’m a very beginner as far as practical application is concerned. So the education I learned from you gave me the confidence to know I could be successful.

Thank you so very much and I know I will continue to learn reading your educational material. ~ Kendall F (Batesville, AR)


The fact that you even visited this page (an investment of time and attention on its own) means a lot to me – and I’m guessing it means my work has somehow impacted you. If you are able to make any sort of financial contribution, thats awesome. But even a few words of positive feedback goes a long way. Don’t ever hesitate to get in touch if you have questions, comments, suggestions, ideas – or just want to chat!

Thanks for helping making this fundraiser a success!

Your friend in worm composting,

Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie