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More than 20 years ago, I looked inside a small plastic bin sitting under a co-worker’s desk and saw something amazing – even life changing.

Funny putting it in those terms, thinking back to that sad little squirm of Red Wiggler worms clustered around an apple core. But it wasn’t the worms themselves; it was the process at work, the overall ‘big idea’ of what was happening in the bin that blew my mind. These unassuming little creatures had been taking what many others were literally tossing in the trash, and turning it into something incredible.

That very same day, I went home with a bucket of ‘wormy’ material (my kindly co-worker had gifted me) and I haven’t looked back since.

In case we haven’t “met” yet, my name is Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie, and I’ve been sharing this quirky passion of mine “with the world” for more than 15 years via the Red Worm Composting blog/newsletter and other online outlets.

In 2008, I decided to turn the “quirky passion” into a “quirky career”, largely focused on educating/inspiring as many people as possible in the ways of the worm.

Over the years “funding” this educational endeavor has involved operating a small vermicomposting business (“real world” and online) and launching various educational products and memberships. It was an important part of the process, and valuable experience, but it wasn’t without its shortcomings.

With too many different projects and products, multiple websites (not to mention a busy home life) it became increasingly challenging to focus on the work that really matters – the fun experiments, the Q&As, the email newsletters, the one-on-one interactions with subscribers and followers. I knew I needed to consolidate and focus my efforts!

And this has led to the evolution of a new all-in-one package called Compost Guy “Ultimate”.

What is Compost Guy “Ultimate” and Who is it For? – Simply put, CGU is a membership designed for those who are ready to make worm composting/farming a bigger part of their lives. If you are looking for high quality information, support/guidance, and inspiration in this field you can’t go wrong. Whether you’re a complete beginner, a seasoned “worm warrior”, or someone heading down the worm business path, I can help you reach your goals.

But here’s the thing…

CGU isn’t about creating an exclusive membership, where only customers get access to the best information. Over the years I have poured countless hours into creating and sharing quality information freely and I have no plans to stop.

If you’ve appreciated and benefited from my publicly-shared work – and you’d love to see even more of it – this is a great win/win way to help make it happen!


I can say that because of you and your information, I made my mind up, after years of research and study to get into the vermicomposting business.

It was your info that convinced me to finally go for it. I’m a very beginner as far as practical application is concerned. So the education I learned from you gave me the confidence to know I could be successful.

Thank you so very much and I know I will continue to learn reading your educational material.

Kendall F.

Batesville AR

What You Get as a Member of CGU

Just Some of The ‘Goods’ (Present & Future):

  • Suburban Worm Farmer PRO
  • Trench Vermicomposting Course
  • Walking Windrow “Follow-Along” Package
  • Easy Vermicomposting Course
  • VermBin Series Plans Package
  • CGU Email List
  • Full “Compost Guy” Support/Guidance (pepper me with questions! I’m here to help)
  • ALL future updates & add-ons at no additional charge

** CGU Overview **

I called this package “Ultimate” for a reason – it is by far and away my most comprehensive offering to date – and it will be one of my primary projects moving forward . It already includes a ton of great content, but like a fine wine, it’s only going to improve with time! 😉

Bottom-line – most of worm-composting-related (paid) resources I release in the months and years ahead will either be included in CGU or available at a steeply discounted price to members. And all current members will be grandfathered into any future versions of the membership that happen to unfold.

I look forward to sharing my 20+ years of experience/passion/enthusiasm with you, and helping you truly harness the power of worms!

NOTE: You can learn more about some of the key resources listed above by clicking >>HERE<<


…you should know that your website was a big help for me when I got into vermicomposting back in 2010, and in many ways, that was the launching point that propelled me at a neck-breaking velocity into a whole new lifestyle, so I owe you a great deal of thanks…

…Thanks for all that you do, and all that you have done!

Chad Sentman

Heidelberg Germany


(ONE-Time Payment)

I think I have been in at or near the ground level of most of your major projects over the years and that is because you have great ideas and I believe in you and the things you are working to accomplish.

You have had an enormous impact on the world of vermiculture and inspired many people, my friend.

Trent Holmes

 “Are Composting Worms the “Ultimate” form of Livestock?”

This was a question I asked my Red Worm Composting email list subscribers back in early June of 2019. It was an idea that had been rattling around in my brain, and I thought it would make for a fun topic of discussion. In thinking about it a lot more since then, I’ve come up with some reasons  I feel the answer is “yes!”:

1) They Are Quiet – It’s actually pretty funny (and bizarre) how many people report “hearing” their worms working away, but it’s still safe to say they make a lot less noise than a lot of other animals.

2) They Don’t Need a Lot of Space – One of the great benefits of vermicomposting/vermiculture is the flexibility of scale. If you have lots of “land”, that’s awesome – but it’s pretty amazing what you can even do in a spare room or out in a suburban backyard.

3) Getting Started Can Be Very Inexpensive – In fact,  you can likely get up and running without paying a dime. Most us of have at least one or two extra containers kicking around, and there are plenty of fellow “worm-heads” out there happy to share some worm-rich material with newcomers (I even have a project dedicated to helping make this happen).

4) No Special Food or Bedding Required – These worms love munching on materials most people think of as “wastes”, and some the best bedding is cardboard/paper/newsprint you can probably find lying around the house.

5) They Reproduce Like Crazy – What other livestock population can grow 10x (or more) within 2 to 3 months? We all know the phrase “breeding like rabbits”…well let’s just say these worms put rabbits to shame. 😉

6) Highly Valuable End Products – Speaking of “10x”, did you know that quality worm castings typically fetch prices 10x higher (or more) than regular composts? And even the worms themselves are regularly sold for at least 25 lb per pound!

7) Great Source of Nutrition – Naturally, the one “objection” subscribers had to my “ultimate livestock” designation was the fact that you can’t eat worms. Some survivalists would beg to differ, but either way worms can still be a highly-nutritious for other animals, like chickens & fish.

But maybe the best reason of all is the fact that they can…

8) Partner With So Many Other Farming Practices & Businesses – Worm composting doesn’t need to be a stand-alone practice. In fact, I would argue that it is far more powerful when it’s not! Let’s face it. Organic wastes are everywhere you look. If you farm in any way, shape or form, you have wastes. With composting worms involved you can help to close the loop and create additional income streams (or resources for your own use).

I’ve purchased several of Bentley’s courses over the years (along with most of the offerings available from others) and continue to be impressed with both the content and the value that he offers. Bentley’s love for all things worm is apparent in everything he produces.
Ben R.

Lyons CO

…you are my guru! I would be crushed if you decided to discontinue your posts for whatever reason. Whenever I see RWC in my inbox I am cheering.
Michelle U.

Portales, New Mexico

Bentley, it’s impossible for me to resist your enthusiasm! You get me every time! Well, I sure don’t want to miss out on any worm secrets!!! Haha!
Mary Ann Smith

Waynesville, North Carolina

** FAQ **

I’ve purchased some of these individual products in the past. Do I qualify for a discount?

If money is a concern, and you are a past customer, absolutely – don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss this further. I will be more than happy to help out with some form of discount. For anyone else, please keep in mind that this is currently a greatly-reduced one-time price for a membership you will have permanent access to. Investment in this package now not only gives you access to ALL future resources added, but ensures you will never need to make recurring payments once it switches to a subscription. It also helps to support all the publicly-available content I continue to publish.

Does this mean you are no longer focusing on the Red Worm Composting blog and Newsletter (or other projects)?

Absolutely not – in fact, the idea is put even more time/energy into projects such as Red Worm Composting – and release even more quality content that is freely available to anyone with an interest in worm composting. Compost Guy “Ultimate” is my “last” big project in the sense that this will be my primary way of funding my work – rather than having multiple courses/memberships on the go at once. More focus – so more time/energy available for the overall mission. Consolidation of resources also means that members receive FAR more value than they would from any one course etc.  😎

How does the Worm Farming Alliance differ from Compost Guy “Ultimate”?

The Worm Farming Alliance has changed and evolved a fair bit over the years. It was originally launched as an “everything Worm Farming” type of membership, but we’ve continued to streamline it to the point where it is primarily intended as a networking/mentorship community for people in the worm farming industry (including those still in the planning stages of some form of worm business). Compost Guy “Ultimate” is an excellent educational resource for the same type of people, but it is has a much broader focus overall, and while we do have a new member community hub where you can ask questions and interact with fellow members, it isn’t nearly as active and information-packed as the WFA group.

I don’t have any big plans to get worm composting projects started until [some future time] – can I just join then?

You are of course welcome to join at any time along the way – but I am definitely encouraging as many people to become members now as possible. For one thing, it really helps to build momentum with the project – more interest and more funding shows me that people are really excited about it and where it is headed. It helps to build a strong base of “lifetime” members – those who invest early are rewarded with the lowest price and permanent access. 

I love your work and want to support your mission, but am not interested in joining CGU at this time. Are there other ways to contribute?

Over the years I have always tried to take a more entrepreneurial approach, so as to feel like I am trading something more tangible for the hard-earned money of my followers. But I’ve come to realize that some people (many who aren’t even particularly active with worm composting) simply want to support the work via donations. It is time for me to get “out of my own way” and make this option available. Bottom-line, there will also be some Compost Guy donation options available in the near future! 😎


All purchases help me to continue my work on these projects, and to produce valuable free-content for an even wider audience! It also tells me this is work that matters to you as well! Please don’t ever hesitate to get in touch with ideas/suggestions regarding the sorts of courses and content you would like to see more of!

Your friend in worm composting,

Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie


(ONE-Time Payment)

Learn More About the Package Resources

The Walking Windrow (Follow-Along) Project – One part case study + one part course + one part community, this package focuses on what was easily my most epic vermicomposting project to date. In summer of 2018 I connected with the owner of a large country property a short distance away, and was given the greenlight (and many helpful resources) for setting up a very serious outdoor vermicomposting bed. I’ll be the first to admit that the project did NOT go as originally planned, but the system itself still ended up exceeding my own high expectations! For the first time, I was able to keep an outdoor system active all the way through a cold zone-5 winter. I ended up with a huge ongoing supply of Red Worms that sustained my business for the 2019 season. I also managed to convert heaps and heaps (literally – lol) of organic wastes into multiple cubic yards of rich vermicompost. And the kicker is that one of the “failures” – the fact that the bed only ever made it to about 12 feet in length – hammered home the fact that this type of system could easily be employed in a more typical, residential backyard!

The Goods —> The main resource for this package is an extensive written + video journal documenting the development of this project, along with some key updates later on. The footage (shot on my phone) is raw and real, but loaded with lots of great information for anyone thinking about starting up this type of system (and I am more than happy to help on a one-on-one basis as well). 

Trench Vermicomposting – This course is focused on the approach that completely changed my view of outdoor vermicomposting and gardening. What started as a horrible “problem” in late spring 2008 (massive amounts of rotting wastes from a local restaurant) ended up transitioning into my most productive growing season (of both plants and worms – lol) up to that point! This is a topic I am hugely passionate about because I know this approach offers so much potential for so many people! Vermicomposting trenches offer the ultimate level of protection for your worms – allowing them to effectively do what they do best for more of the year. It also offers a great way to fertilize (and even water) growing crop plants. Surprisingly enough, it’s even a great way to make yards of rich worm compost/mulch.

The Goods —> 1) Trench Vermicomposting (Online) Course 2) My Original ~50 min HGFS 2019 “Trench Vermicomposting” presentation (no longer available to watch once the summit was over) 3) Helpful Resource Guides – supplemental ebooks focused on topics relevant for those thinking about starting up a vermicomposting trench (or outdoor vermicomposting in general).

Suburban Worm Farmer – This course package / membership was originally created to provide the most in-depth, up-to-date look at the “Worm Mix” production/selling strategy at the heart of my own “real world” (Canadian) vermicomposting business. The “Big Idea” is that just about anyone can start a profitable, fun business with worms in their spare time, on a shoestring budget, without access to a lot of “land” (or even space in general), even if they don’t have a lot of knowledge or experience.

The Goods —> 1) SWF Audio Course; 2) Helpful Resource Guides – supplemental ebooks focused on relevant topics; 4) Course Bonuses: a) Google Sites and WordPress Websites Training; b) Red Worm Population Growth Calculator; c) “Getting Started with Worm Mix” Training (yours to use as content to incentivize your offers)

Easy Vermicomposting – This was the original RWC “flagship” course, created to help people master the (oh-so-important-yet-often-ignored) KEY fundamentals of vermicomposting. The funny irony is that I had planned to “retire” the course some years ago now…but it just never happened – and thank goodness! More recently, I realized this is not only a very valuable “evergreen” vermicomposting resource as-is – but it’s a course worthy of being moved to the CG Course Portal – where SWF, WWP, and TV are currently found – and even revamped over time! NOTE: I won’t be retiring the course – but I WILL be taking it off the market, and only making it available via bundle offers like this moving forward.

The Goods —> 1) Easy Vermicomposting Audio Course – more than 11 hours worth of content, spread out over 16 lessons. MP3 format you can easily listen to while you do other things!

UPDATE: EZV has now been moved over to the Compost Guy Course Portal, making access…well…even easier! 😉 As touched on above, I have plans to revamp this course over time as well.


VermBin Series Plans Package – Quite a few years ago now, I had the good fortune of crossing paths with a RWC follower named Joe Denial. It just so happened that Joe was a very talented designer/builder type. During an early e-mail exchange, he shared a mock-up for a home CFT system he was designing for himself – and I practically begged him to team up with me so we could make it available for a wider audience. He happily agreed and the rest is history. The original system was the VermBin24 (VB24), but we later added the specs for the VB48 and VB96 as well. I myself can barely hammer my way out of a paper bag, but I did manage to build a VB48 – and absolutely loved it! That is, until I “volunteered” to remove it so we would have more space during a kitchen renovation. 🙁

The Goods —> 1) VB24 Plans – the original plans for the original bin; 2) Neal’s VB24 Photo Journal – Neal “from Maryland” was an early fan of the plans who documented his own building experience and was happy to make it available to other members; 3) VB48/96 Upgrade Guide – This supplemental guide was released to help people build the larger VB models; 4) Bentley’s VB48 Experience – this guide documents my own VB48 building experience – including some of the key modifications I made to the original design. ** 2022 UPDATE ** – VB plans have been in another member area (you get access to), but I have plans to move them over to CG portal for your convenience.

Your Own Personal Worm Composting Coach – I do try as much as possible to make myself available to anyone who sends in emails relating to worm composting (from the Red Worm Composting website etc), but my level of dedication to helping CGU members takes things to a whole new level!

I literally chuckle to myself when members say things like “sorry for taking up your time” – because that’s exactly what I’m encouraging people to do. I know I can “get away with” this for now, because even with my nudges/invitations to pepper me with questions – only a handful really seem to take advantage of it.

The Goods —> 1) Unlimited e-mail support with 2) Full “nag” clearance (technology is far from perfect – if you don’t see a reply please follow up as quickly and as often as you want – I won’t get offended!), 3) If you want to set up an actual time to have a text exchange on Facebook/Hangouts etc this can likely be arranged as well – the key is that we are clear on topics to be discussed and timeline.

** Given the time commitment, this is most likely something I won’t be able to offer indefinitely – all the more reason to get involved today! **