Our Course Selection

Getting Started With Vermicomposting

This free course is designed to help people who are just getting interested/involved in the wonderful world of vermicomposting. You’ll get the information you need to get your very first vermicomposting system up and running effectively, along with helpful guidance for navigating the (often challenging) first few weeks of the process.

80/20 Vermicomposting

Most people have heard of the “80/20 Rule” – the idea that roughly 80% of the results come from 20% of the methods, people etc. It applies to countless areas of life, the natural world…and yes even vermicomposting! Most people over-complicate the process. In this course you will learn the KEY things you need to focus on in order to maximize your results while stream,lining your time.

Better Castings, Faster.

Many people attracted to vermicomposting are naturally drawn by the idea of creating their own high quality worm castings. But producing the beautiful, dark, granular earthy stuff (you usually see in promotional photos) often turns out to not be quite as easy as people imagine. This course is designed to help vermicomposters optimize the castings production process – it zones in on the major areas of focus to dedicate yourself to if you are indeed eager to produce higher quality castings in less time.

Bootstrap Worm Farming

If you are a passionate vermicomposting hobbyist with entrepreneurial spirit, it’s not unusual to imagine starting your own worm farming venture. Like many others, I always assumed this type of business would require a ton of space, expensive equipment and lots of capital to get started. But as I discovered (eventually…after falling on my face over and over again), not only is it possible to create a profitable worm farming business on the cheap (and with limited space) – but that there are actually some serious advantages to taking this route!