~ The Suburban Worm Farmer ~

Effective Small-Scale Strategies for Growing a Business with Worms!

THE OPPORTUNITY – Many people are attracted to the idea of starting up a worm farming business, and it can indeed be a deeply-satisfying venture with excellent return on investment and growth potential. 

THE PROBLEM – Taking a more traditional approach usually requires some serious capital, space, and know-how – and even then, there is a lot that can go wrong. It’s not an ideal venture for the inexperienced or faint of heart. The sad irony is that it can also be much harder on the worms. Harvesting, handling & packing gobs of worms into dry, lifeless bedding and then handing them over – or worse, shipping them off – to customers can really take a toll. This can create headaches for both the customer (especially new vermicomposters) and the worm farmer.

THE SOLUTION – The “Worm Mix” production/selling approach. Instead of gobs of stressed out worms packed in peat or coir, you can sell high quality worm-and-cocoon-rich living habitat material – perfect for starting a new vermicomposting system. Much more natural. Easier on the worms, easier for the worm farmer, easier (and less expensive) for the customer!

This is an approach that completely saved my own business from certain failure nearly a decade ago – and it has only improved with age! 

** Late July 2019 **

I am in the process of putting together brand new course called “The Suburban Worm Farmer” that provides an in-depth look at this (somewhat mysterious) “Worm Mix” approach that is at the heart of my “real world” (Canadian) vermicomposting business, along with other topics related to the start-up / operation of this type of small-scale vermi-biz.

I’ve made good progress with it – the member’s area is ready to go with 17 audio lessons (mainly focused on Worm Mix fundamentals, and getting the ball rolling with your business) – more lessons have been recorded (just need to be edited), and plenty more are on the way. I also have a Worm Mix summary guide, along with other helpful guides to help supplement your education.

I am now ready to offer early access to the courseespecially well-suited those who have been through my “$50 Worm Biz Start-Up Challenge” email series and/or who signed up for the “Worm Business Starter Pack, and have found the information interesting/helpful (so far).

I have significantly discounted pricing in place, and the feedback from early members will have an important influence on the future direction of the course (the obvious caveat being that you will need to be a bit more patient).

Ready to Get Started? Early Access to SWF is Now Available!

Option #1 – The Suburban Worm Farmer Core Package


SWF Course

Full permanent access to The Suburban Worm Farmer (Online) Course and e-mail list. Currently 17 audio lessons available, with many more on the way (most will be less than 15 min – just so you know).


The Worm Mix "Cheat Guide"

Compact summary of all the KEY info to keep in mind about the Worm Mix approach (and related topics).


Helpful Resource Guides

Everyone has different levels of experience and knowledge – these resource guides provide more of an in-depth coverage of certain KEY topic areas, for those who want to learn more.


ALL Future Course Package Updates

Plenty of lessons are already recorded (just require editing), and lots more planned for the course. Early members will help to influence future direction.

 I always like to reward the “early adopters” –  for a limited time, enjoy nearly 50% off!



Option #2 – Suburban Worm Farmer – PRO Upgrade


Full SWF Core Package

Everything you see in “Option #1”


"Elite" Worm Mix Production System Training

In late 2018 I had major break-through, leading to the roll-out of a brand new systematic, indoor bin production system for the 2019 season. 


Worm Biz Assessment & Assistance Program

Starting with an in-depth questionnaire, this one-on-one coaching/mentorship program is designed to help you hit the ground running.


SWF PRO Mastermind Group

A private community of serious, like-minded indivuals where you can get the support and encouragement you need to succeed! 


ALL Future Updates & Add-Ons

I’m very excited about the future of the Suburban Worm Farmer – especially the PRO level package – and current customers will always be granted access to any updates/add-ons.

  Serious about your worm business? Enjoy $50 Off During My Pre-Launch Period!



Q & A

Q: Is this course only for people who live in the suburbs?

A: Not even close (lol). There is an emphasis on starting small (many advantages to this), but anyone with a bit more space/land or just generally with a desire to “go big” can absolutely benefit from the information being shared. A very important part of operating any type of worm business is understanding the nature of the worms you are working with (makes sense, right?) – that is a major focus of this course. Also worth noting that I currently operate on both a small- and large-scale (at home and on a country property, respectively).


Q: I definitely want access to the core package and maybe the PRO package – can I upgrade later?

A: Absoutely! And the good news is I have zero interest in making you jump through hoops or punishing anyone for not grabbing it as a bundle right away. Core package members can upgrade to PRO at any time (from inside the members’ area) and will always just pay the difference in price between the two packages (just be aware that prices will go up once the course is closer to being ready for official launch – I will make sure to keep everyone posted about this).


Q: Why is the PRO Package so much more expensive?

A: The one-on-one coaching and mastermind group participation are going to require a serious time commitment from me (and I may actually need to remove the coaching offer for new customers if it ends up becoming too popular). The current pricing is an absolute bargain for the level of one-on-one assistance that early members will have access to (you guys are the “guinea pigs” – helping me to hammer out the specifics of what will be a realistic coaching add-on moving forward).


Q: Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

A: Yes indeed! BUT…this one is different than my normal guarantees. It is meant to reward the serious folks willing to put in the time and effort, and to discourage the tire-kickers looking for a quick-fix with no strings attached. You can learn more below.


Q: Does This Course Focus on How to Start a Worm Castings Business?

A: No (and yes). The primary focus is on what I refer to as the “Worm Mix” composting worm production/selling approach at the heart of my “real world” vermicomposting business (different than my online business that caters to a largely US-based audience). I am highly recommending that new worm farmers get started with selling worms/cocoons (and the “Worm Mix” approach offers a great option for doing so) because it is the fastest/easiest/cheapest way to get going with a vermicomposting business (which is NOT to promise that it is necessarily always super “fast”/”easy”/”cheap”). If you want to get serious about castings you will definitely need more space/capital/experience/TIME to get a viable operation off the ground. I will be adding one or two lessons relating to castings later on (it can be a great add-on product once you are rolling with the worm biz), but it won’t ever be a major focus of this particular course.


Q: How Does This Course Differ From Larry Shier’s “Elite Worm Breeding” Course?

A: Larry is a good friend of mine and I fully endorse Elite Worm Breeding (I even have a special 20% off coupon you can use if interested).  It is an excellent training program and community, and in fact it helped to inspire a very significant breakthrough with my own business late last year (and helped to inspire an overhaul of the SWF course as well). BUT…it is very different, both in style and content. Larry’s focus is on high-intensity worm/cocoon production that can be done on a relatively small scale. It is more of a “traditional” worm farming approach – great for those who want to sell worms by the pound, or larger worms by count (eg for bait), or cocoons. It will likely require more of an investment to get started (trays, feeds, bedding etc), and likely isn’t as newbie-friendly. Elite and SWF (especially PRO) compliment each other very well in my humble opinion. Just so you know, I have a somewhat more in-depth comparison inside the SWF members’ area also.


Q: What is the Income Potential with a Worm Business?

A: How long does it take to drive to Disney World? The answer of course, is that it depends – on a LOT of different things. Where are you starting from? How experienced are you with the route? Do you have assistance (GPS etc)? How fast of a driver are you? How many stops and detours will you make along the way? How reliable is your vehicle?

Yes, it is a bit of a silly analogy but hopefully it illustrates my point. I have a friend who quickly ramped up a small-scale worm business (earlier this year) to what some would consider a full-time income. Another friend (albeit with a much larger-scale business) who earns 5-figures a month selling worms. Plenty of others earning bill-paying side incomes and having fun! But, there are of course plenty of others who continue to wait for “all their ducks to be in a row”, or who get frustrated/discouraged when they don’t find overnight success and just end up moving on.

One of my recommendations that has become a sort of motto over the years is “start small, and let things grow from there”. It’s so much easier, less-expensive, and stress-free when you take your time (while still taking plenty of action), don’t put any crazy earning-pressure on yourself right out of the gates, and then ramp things up from there! (Many successful people in the industry today got their start by doing exactly that)


** Your Unique Guarantee **

I stand behind all my products 100%!

Like any of my other courses, you have a full money-back guarantee.

But this one is definitely a bit different. You get a full 60 days to evaluate the course, test out the methods etc – at that point you have another 60 days to request a refund if you still don’t feel you have received far more value than the money you’ve invested. In a sense, it is a 120 day guarantee – but the “catch” is that you can’t get a refund until after 60 days have elapsed.

Here’s the thing – I’m only interested in working with high-quality, serious people, ready to put some serious effort and actually test things out – not people looking for a big red “EASY” button they can push or the ‘drive-by’ types who just want to get the “secrets” and move on.

If you aren’t yet sure that this is for you – it’s just a simple matter of dropping me an e-mail or msging me on Facebook so we can discuss your best course of action.

~ Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie