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Compost Guy Bokashi – Take One and…Action!

Apologies for the lack of post lately! I decided to make it up to you (or make it worse – haha) by making a video showing the setting up of my bokashi bucket. You may need to fiddle with it a bit (refresh etc) – I had a little trouble getting it to run smoothly for me when I first tried it out.

I discovered this weekend that our digital camera actually has decent video capabilities (not really illustrated by my grainy YouTube video however). That in itself is pretty exciting! I think there will be a lot more Compost Guy and Red Worm Composting videos coming your way (my previous Power Point videos took forever to make).

The bokashi I made last month dried out nicely for me so today seemed like as good a day as any to finally get started! Luckily I just happened to have a decent amount of food waste ready to be put somewhere (plenty of space in the worm bins, but the worms can wait – they’ll get their bokashi treat later! haha).

I’m planning to head back to the Bulk Barn this week to get more supplies for more bokashi making. Hopefully my dried material will last until the second batch is ready to go!

Anyway, thats all for now! I’m hoping to get more posts up this week than last (not a major challenge! haha).

Talk soon


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Written by Compost Guy on February 11th, 2008 with no comments.
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