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Food Scrap Holder-11-08-06

Food Scrap Holder

Not one of my better images, but this milk carton (and others like it) served me very well! Before switching over to an “official” food scrap hold (a plastic jobby that holds “official” BioBag inserts! haha), I always used to use empty milk cartons as my scrap holders (the containers that would sit under my sink and receive kitchen scraps before being emptied into various worm composting systems). Milk cartons (especially the 2 litre size) work well since they are waxed (so resist microbial attack) and can be closed up reasonably well, plus they contain just the right amount of scraps so as to avoid the risk of creating a stink while you wait for the thing to fill up.

Speaking of stink – really, there is no excuse for having a stinky scrap holder when it comes down to it. Aside from having good air flow another really helpful feature is a “false bottom”. Rather than simply letting the scraps sit on the bottom of the container, where they will rot and create a nasty stench, I highly recommend adding a fairly thick layer of shredded, absorbent cardboard. This wicks up excess moisture and prevents those nasty anaerobic conditions from developing down at the bottom.

Written by Compost Guy on April 27th, 2010 with no comments.
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