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Spring Has Sprung!

Well, after what seemed like a very long winter, spring finally arrived in fine style last week with lots of sunshine and temperatures much closer to (and even higher than) seasonal norms. Virtually all the snow is gone, and the ground even seems to be drying out a fair bit.

I just KNEW that I needed to get back into the swing of things with my outdoor composting efforts this week. As I mentioned recently, my ‘Winter Composting Extravaganza’ (season two) fell by the wayside back in February, and my winter bin literally hasn’t been opened since then. Apart from marking the end of my winter composting run, there is even more significance in this – something I’m going to write about in my next post.

Composter In Training

In what could almost be considered a spring composter opening ceremony, my wife, my 7 month old daughter and I all ventured out to the backyard to enjoy the warm weather and dump a bunch of kitchen scraps (which have been piling up inside) into the bins. Interestingly enough, it looked like there was a fairly major reduction in volume of materials inside the winterized bin, and temperatures in the composting mass seemed to be in the 10 C (50 F) range. When I dug down into the material I was happy to see lots of red worms and springtails – a pretty good indication that the bin never froze solid. Whoohoo!

My other backyard bin however was still frozen solid for the most part, although when I opened up the compost door at the bottom I saw lots of lively composting worms and no indication of freezing.

I dumped all remaining bokashi fermented wastes (about 1 1/4 buckets worth) into my winter bin, thus finally witnessing the true nastiness of the bottom of a bokashi bucket!

Let me put it this way – it probably wasn’t the best way for me to convince my wife how cool composting really is! The straw-coloured liquid at the bottom of the buckets smelled to high heaven and had the consistency of dog drool. Just a reminder of the fact that it’s not a bad idea to constantly drain off the bokashi liquid, as others have recommended. Obviously it didn’t help that the materials have been sitting in this buckets for quite a few weeks now.

This certainly hasn’t turned me off of bokashi though – in fact I am eager to start up my new buckets again, and make another batch of the bran mix as well. With my outdoor composters ready to be used again I now have a great place to put the finished bokashi material!

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Written by Compost Guy on April 8th, 2008 with no comments.
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