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The Education Begins

Organic Gardening Books

Wow – it has certainly been a while since I wrote a new post here! I just wanted to let everyone know I’m still alive and well, and that I’ve simply been spending all my time over at Red Worm Composting. I am planning to get things rolling again here, but I know talk is cheap (especially when I’m the one talking – haha) so let’s just start with a new post and see where that takes us!

Last year I wrote a post about how much of a lousy gardener I am. While I’ve certainly dabbled in ‘growing stuff’ for many years, I’ve never actually taken the time to really learn how to do it properly, the way I have with composting/vermicomposting – until NOW that is!

This year I decided once and for all that I was going to really put in a concerted effort to learn all about organic gardening, and put a lot more time and effort into my suburban farming efforts. It’s really silly when I think about it now, but for a while I’ve simply been dreaming about buying a small farm, where I can finally create my ultimate sustainable paradise. Of course, this meant that I ended up ignoring some prime real estate under my own nose!

I guess I was worried about ‘resale value’ and other nonsensical things, but as my brother-in-law reminds me over and over, it’s kitchens and bathrooms that sell houses NOT backyards. haha

When it comes down to it, I really have a LOT of potential growing space to work with. Last year I was amazed how much produce I was able to grow with very little effort (my vermicomposting trenches certainly helped). This year I will be getting even MORE help from my population of composting worms, in the form of more (and larger) trench/windrow systems, and variations of my ‘garbage gardening method‘.

As you can see in the picture above, I have purchased some books to help me learn more. I seem to have lucked out with the ones I selected – they are all really excellent. I’ll more than likely devote individual posts to each of them once I have spent a bit more time with them.

Of course, the web will play an important role in helping me to learn more as well. I actually just happened upon a nice little site today, put together by one of my worm customers. It is called ‘Raised Bed Organic Gardening‘. I love small, easy to read websites like this – especially when they have a personalized feel about them.

Anyway, I’ll certainly be writing a LOT more about my gardening (and learning) efforts. I just wanted to get a post up today to get the ball rolling!

Written by Compost Guy on June 18th, 2009 with no comments.
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