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Scheduled Downtime For Compost Guy

Say it Ain't So!!!

As mentioned recently, we’ve been having some major issues with our current webhost and have been looking for greener pastures!

Well, the good news is that I have a new account elsewhere (and I’m very optimistic that there will be far fewer hassles there), but alas the bad news is that I need to move the site, which of course means MORE downtime for Compost Guy!

When it comes down to it, I should be thanking my lucky stars that A) I signed up for a monthly plan with the current host (rather than saving some money with a yearly plan) and B) This all happened when the site was still relatively new, so I won’t likely lose too many readers (and hopefully all my regular readers will get this msg.

My aim is to make this as fast and pain free as possible. I need to redirect my domain to new nameservers (which may sound like ‘Greek’ to some of you) – that’s actually what will result in the downtime (since there is inevitably some time required for the domain to get ‘hooked up’ to the hosting provider. At least once that is finished I can put up a temporary page until everything else is taken care of.

Anyway, I’ll likely start the process later today so the site may appear to be offline.
Hopefully everything goes according to plan and I have it up and running again tomorrow!

Thanks very much for your patience. It’s all UP from here – I promise!

Written by Compost Guy on January 23rd, 2008 with no comments.
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