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What’s New With The Compost Guy?

Hi Everyone,
I realize my blog postings have followed a “feast or famine” type of cycle ever since starting the site. I guess the important thing is that I’m continuing to move slowly forward.

I’m happy to report that I’ll be providing you with another ‘feast’ of new posts soon.

I’ve been really busy with lots of ‘real world’ activities, and very soon I’ll be able to get back to the computer and tell you all about it.

Here’s what’s coming down the pipe:

1) My New Business Venture – From the virtual world to the real world, Compost Guy is ready to make his mark!

2) Community Composting Initiative – Learn about my partnership with a very popular local restaurant, and what I am doing with 100’s of pounds of their food waste each week.

3) Make Your Own Pet Poop Composter – I’ve written previously about pet waste composting. Well now I’m going to show you how to make your very own pet waste composting system.

4) In Situ Vermicomposting – Last summer I had a huge tomato plant growing out of the side of my large outdoor worm bin. This year I’m taking in situ composting to a whole new level.

5) My new lawn mower – I finally said good bye to my emission-spewing, gas-guzzling hunk-a-junk, and said hello to a sleek new rechargeable. My impression after testing it out? AWESOME!

6) Fun With Biobags – A while back I wrote about my purchase of some cornstarch polymer ‘Biobags’ to test out in my compost bins. I’ve been doing exactly that for the last few weeks, with some pretty cool results!

7) Suburban Aquaponics – Going even further back into the archives, I promised everyone that I was going to set up my own aquaponics system. Originally it was going to be an indoor system, but unfortunately the project just never got started (other than me planning it out and purchasing some of the key supplies). I am now hoping to try out a small outdoor system. Should be fun!

So there you have it! I’m sure there will be other posts along the way – but these are some of the exciting things I want to tell you very soon.

Stay tuned!

Written by Compost Guy on June 5th, 2008 with 2 comments.
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Get your own gravatar by visiting vegged
#1. June 6th, 2008, at 10:36 PM.

I’m really looking forward to these updates.

Hope you don’t mind but I’m toying around with the idea of following your footsteps to some degree. I want to experiment with vermicomposting to see how it works for me, and possibly expand it into a combination bait-worm/fertilizer enterprise.

Aquaculture and hydroponics just fits into that idea perfectly. Can’t wait to see how things go for you since you’re so far ahead of me.

Get your own gravatar by visiting Red Icculus
#2. June 14th, 2008, at 11:57 PM.

I think that an aquaponics setup would go well with your sustainability sensibility. Keep em comin brutha!

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