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Indoor Gardening With Garden Girl

I received Patt Moreno‘s latest newsletter this morning, and was really pleased to hear about the progress she has been making with her video/tv work. She has been shooting shows for her Farmers Almanac TV series, and has been busy making online videos as well. Speaking of which, she has a five part series on indoor gardening (which I’ve embedded below). Very interesting stuff! Seeing Patti getting busy with seed planning and planting has reminded me that I really need to start thinking about this myself. I can be pretty bad with leaving things until the last minute, but this year I want to be fully prepared for an outstanding gardening season.

One thing that’s certainly going to help is moving my office down to the basement, where all my worm bins and growing supplies are. My laptop is currently sitting underneath a fluorescent grow stand (on a desk) – I’ll post some pics once I get things looking a little more to my liking (ie. once my mad scientist growth lab is set up). I wish I had made the move a long time ago! Aside from providing a nice quiet place to work, having all my compost/gardening related stuff close at hand seems to be providing extra inspiration. I’m sure it will be even better once I have some plants growing!

But I digress…

Here are Patti’s indoor gardening videos:

Patti plans out and starts setting up her indoor gardening. A great reminder that these set-ups don’t need to cost an arm and a leg – nor do they need to be overly challenging to put together.

Planting seeds. I can’t get over how well organized Patti is. Definitely inspirational for yours truly!

Patti takes over the rest of her sun porch. I’m definitely envious of all that growing space. Wow!

Great tips on using various recycled containers to grow seeds.

Patti sets up a simple water station and talks about seedling maintenance. Some excellent info!

I’m definitely looking forward to following along as Patti continues to get ready for gardening season! While I certainly won’t be able to set up anything remotely like her sunporch grow room, I’ll definitely be getting some plants growing down in my new office. I actually am planning out a small aquaponics system, and hope to set that up soon. I’ll be sure to dedicate a post to that once I’ve wrapped my head around it a little more.

I’d love to hear back from others in terms of what sort of garden planning activities you are currently engaged in (if any).

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Written by Compost Guy on January 7th, 2008 with no comments.
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