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Garden Girl is Back!

I’ve written a fair amount about Patti “The Garden Girl” Moreno on the EcoSherpa blog, but she definitely deserves some mention here as well. Patti has been a real inspiration ever since she burst onto the green scene with her ‘Urban Sustainable Living’ videos last year. She seemed to vanish for awhile (I think she was busy with her film production company), but I was very pleased to see her resurface quite recently – this time with some great news to share.

Apparently she has partnered with FarmersAlmanac.com and will be creating lots of new videos in her series!

In her latest newsletter she provided a sneak peak of her new website (looks like it’s going to be very nicely done!) and also shared some links for a few of her videos. I’ve included them here.

Who is Garden Girl?

What is Urban Sustainable Living?

Raised Beds in the City and Hoophouses

Kifo the Garden Gnome

It sounds as though there will be plenty more videos on the way, along with a completely revamped website! I will continue to share new videos and updates here on the blog.

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Written by Compost Guy on September 25th, 2007 with comments disabled.
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