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The Science Barge

Image courtesy of New York Sun Works

I came across an interesting article yesterday, describing a very cool (mini) sustainable floating farm called ‘The Science Barge’.

According to the Science Barge Website (which is part of the New York Sun Works Sustainable Engineering site):

The Science Barge is a prototype, sustainable urban farm and environmental education center. It is the only fully functioning demonstration of renewable energy supporting sustainable food production in New York City. The Science Barge grows tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce with zero net carbon emissions, zero chemical pesticides, and zero runoff.

Here are some more tidbits I gleaned from the site…

If I lived a little closer to New York City, this is definitely something I’d love to go see! It sounds like a really cool system.

Hopefully demonstration systems like this will actually lead to more ‘real world’ initiatives – but I guess only time will tell.

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Written by Compost Guy on May 24th, 2008 with no comments.
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